St Wilfrid's Church is one of the most spiritual churches in Preston. The church offers a peaceful sanctuary of quiet, calm, and prayer and serves a vibrant, family-friendly, student-oriented parish community. The church is generously supported by its committed parishioners, who carry out various roles, ministries and groups. St Wilfrid's Church has two huge carved wooden statues installed and 'Hidden Life', by Fenwick Lawson, a Durham artist, born in 1932. The statues exhibit an intensity of emotions that reflect the artist's deep concern for the human condition. St Wilfrid's Church High Altar is one of the most glorious in the country. In the apse, massive pilasters of red Algerian only support a coffered dome with the inscription in the name of Jesus let every knee bow.

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  • 01772 555244
  • Chapel St, Preston PR1 8BU, United Kingdom
  • Mon-Fri: 12:15pm Sat: 12:15pm|5:35pm Vigil Mass (Every second week of each month is a Mass for Young Adults) |Every fourth week of each month is a signed Mass Sun: 7am|10:15pm |4:30pm (Ev

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